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The farms Bukta and Stormoen is located near by the outlet of the mountain lake «Øyungen».

Here you will find a virtual eldorado of beautiful norwegian nature to enjoy along with your fishing experience. The part of the river associated with Øvre Øyensåa is 1,5 to 2 kilometers, from where the river starts at the lake. For the first 500 meters you may fish on both sides of the river.

The fishing area has several pools and rapids with many excellent fishing spots. From the rivers upper end: Øset, Bruhølen, Gammelvassmohølen, Vårheimhølen. At last end of the area, you will find Stormofossen with the salmon ladder.

See pictures from the river here.

The salmon ladder

The salmon ladder in Stormofossen at the lower end of the fishing area was renovated in 2011. After much digging and casting of new pools, the salmon now has an easier time on its journey to lake Øyungen.

Upon reaching the lake the salmon has struggled through almost 7 kilometers of waterfalls and rapids and “climbed” over 100 meters in altitude.

You’ll often catch fish!

If you are looking for really big salmon Øyensåa is not the river for you. The  salmons caught has normally a weight between 1 to 3 kilograms. Sometimes larger fish are caught, but we believe the best part of the experience is a successful catch!

The river is easily accessible and the closest thing to what you can call a sure catch river. Meaning you must be very unlucky if you have to go home empty handed, given the right circumstances.

Getting there

Follow FV17 from Namsos or from Asp just north of Steinkjer. Turn west on to FV 715 (Osen) at Fosslikorsen 5 kilometers north of Namdalseid town center.

After driving about 5 kilometers you will reach the farm Stormoen at your left handside. Signs along the road will show you where you can buy your fishing license.

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